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Organische Chemie – Arbeitsgruppe Professor Dr. Frank Hahn

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Natural product synthesis - Biosynthesis - Biocatalysis

Our group has a general interest in natural products. On the one hand, we pursue the total synthesis of natural products with the aim to develop efficient routes to pharmacologically relevant compounds.

We also carry out detailed studies on the biosynthetic pathways of natural products, that is, the mechanisms by which they are formed in their producing organisms. Natural product biosynthetic pathways harbour many enyzmes that catalyse synthetically attractive transformations, which might be exploited for natural product synthesis. Combining chemical with such biotechnological elements enables the highly efficient production of natural product derivatives for drug development.

Finally, we strive to develop the enzymes we have discovered into generally applicable biocatalytic tools. Beside the synthesis of natural products, they can for example by used for the synthesis of synthetic drugs or fine chemicals.

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