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New Publication in ACS Catalysis


New work from the Hahn group was published in ACS Catalysis.

This detailed study uncovers the significant biocatalytic potential of the cyclase AmbDH3. This was among the first known enzymes, which form oxygen heterocycles with multiple stereocentres via intramolecular oxa-Michael addition. In our contribution we show that AmbDH3 exhibits a synthetically attractive combination of high stereoselectivity and relaxed substrate specificity. Preparative scale conversions and chemoenzymatic natural product synthesis are also reported. Our study opens up the prospect of establishing this and similar enzymes as a novel group of biocatalysts for the synthesis of valuable oxygen heterocycles.

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And a press release of our University:


Congratulations, particularly to Tim, Gesche and Lisa, and thanks to Kwang-Hoon for the fruitful long-term collaboration.

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